Loathsome homework and more autumn vegetables

I think I may hate art :/ well, I like the lessons, but there’s so much homework it’s ridiculous. So, today I spent two hours doing lovely, wonderful maths homework (I love maths, I’m a weirdo) and now I’m gonna go do some art. And quickly, because the earlier I go to bed the earlier I can go out and get in my morning swim! Awesome motivation, huh?

So, when you’re feeling down and want to put off doing your homework what do you do? You make something with pumpkin in of course!

Today’s dinner was:

-Easy-peasy sweet potato mash

-Yellow lentil dahl

Spicy pumpkin curry

-Stir fried seitan

The sweet potato is just five minutes per potato in the microwave and then mashed with a little salt. It’s divine, I promise.

The lentil dahl is all about the garlic, ginger, corriander and turmeric, baby! Add all that to some yellow lentils and simmer for 40 minutes. So easy but it’s like a party in your mouth. And healthy, too. Add a little cinnamon if you like it sweeter.

Spicy pumpkin curry was a little more complicated – the pumpkin went in the oven for 20 minutes, whole, and then got diced and fried with two chillies, a lot of garam marsala spice mix, three small red onions, a bunch of mushrooms and two tins of organic plum tomatoes. Simmered for about 20 minutes. Niiiice.

Another thing on my mind today? My Chemical fucking Romance! My first loves, and they’re back. As anyone who’s read this blog will know I am very very excited about the new album. And I have a fabulous killjoy outfit all ready, including silly red hair a la Gerard in the new video trailer, and I’ll be posting a picture of it soon, so watch out for it.

Questions of the day:

How much homework is too much? Do you like maths, like, even a bit? Or am I alone here? And what’s your favourite way to enjoy pumpkin? Sweet? Savoury? Spicy? Creamy? Ah, possibilities.

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8 Responses to Loathsome homework and more autumn vegetables

  1. Tabitharrr, hello.

    I have indeed done as promised and “checked out” your blog. I think it is delightful 🙂

    In answer to your questions- you have too much homework when you have to re-jig your schedule because of it; no, I hate maths- did you know?; You Are Not Alone and I enjoy pumpkins on Hallowe’en when they are beautifully carved. Or in bread- they are lovely in bread.

    Oh, and I found a vegan hoisin sauce recipe in preparation for Oscar Night: The Wildest Party Ever! (I expect you to write a blog post about this momentous occasion, by the way…)


    Seems simple enough, I think I might just be able to make that one. But I’m not overestimating my cooking ablities.

    I love you muchly,
    – x

  2. Hahaah, you ate stir fried Satan XD

  3. Panda says:

    I don’t know where particularly I’m meant to write this…will here do?
    I made granola today! The only thing I have stopped homework to do. I had some troubles with getting it not to clump together because of the banana…? Oh, and we had no syrup, so. And I’m planning to take inspiration for your curry feast tomorrow night 🙂
    And one last thing, our teacher did tell us an odd spelling for misogyny*. It has no third y! Everything’s alright, we got it after all!

    (*and until with two ls… but we didn’t point that out so she cannot be blamed.)
    😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I fouuuund youuu!
      I’m going to post on granola today so look out for it, I’ll answer your clumping question there 🙂 I’ve worked out how to do it with no added sweeteners too 🙂
      I hope your curry feast goes well! I love curry… We need to think about what we’re eating next week soon 😉
      Thank god, I thought my brain had died. Good thing I can still spell some things. Is your teacher a bad speller? It saddens me when my tutors can’t spell. 😦

  4. Panda says:

    Oh, this is in the wrong place. I hope you find me, anyway.
    🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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